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There are many who support state employees despite heavy pressure from so we must support our friends and understand our foes.


ASFSCME Local 4041 (members only for most of the website)

Though state employees do not have collective bargaining rights it does have a union to lobby at the Legislature.

Carson City Office:  775-882-3910, Las Vegas:  702-431-3113


Retired Public Employees of Nevada This association made up of retired public employees who receive benefits from PERS.

Legislative Actions page.  Pending meetings about PERS or PEBP .

Phone: 775 882-7831, Fax: 775 882-6732, E-mail:, P.O. Box 2211, Carson City, NV  89702



Las Vegas Sun

Jon Ralston (LV Sun): “Think Sanford is bizarre? Look closely at Gibbons” – July 5, 2009

Las Vegas Sun Editorial: “Getting input from others- Gibbons should abandon his practice of making budget decisions in isolation” – March 8, 2009 

J. Patrick Coolican, Alex Richards (LV Sun): “Nevada’s government among the smallest” – March 8, 2009

Jon Ralston (LV Sun): “The ignorance or dishonesty of Gibbons’ State of the State”  – January 18, 2009

David McGrath Schwatrz (LV Sun): “Poll finds meager support for pay cuts” – January 18, 2009

Jon Ralston (LV Sun): “Fiddling on the fringe” – January 16, 2009

Jon Ralston (LV Sun): “Dems to present an alternative budget” – January 14, 2009

Las Vegas Sun Letters to the Editor: “Prosperity requires sharing the tax burden” – Janury 13, 2009

Las Vegas Sun Editorial: In need of a vision – January 11, 2009

Jon Ralston (LV Sun):  How Nevada was set on the path to this budget nightmare – January 11, 2009

Jon Ralston (LV Sun):  Don’t look behind the curtain – January 9, 2009

Elliot Parker: How much more of state government can be cut? – January 4, 2009

Elliot Parker: Comparisons show spending isn’t Nevada’s problem – December 21, 2008

Jon Ralson (LV Sun): Gibbons shares his wisdom – December 12, 2008

Jon Ralston (LV Sun):  Jim Gibbons is no governor – December 10, 2008

Jon Ralston (LV Sun): The state’s budget crisis – Novemver 14, 2008

Nevada Sagebrush – UNR:

Impeach Gibbons and Save the State” – January 20, 2009

Student newspaper calls for Gibbons’ impeachment” – January 21, 2009

Nevada Appeal:

Geoff Dornan, NV Appeal: “Nevada lawmakers protecting benefits” – April 2, 2009

In these hard times, no plan would be without pain” – January 16, 2009

Plans for pay, benefits affect lowest level workers” – January 16, 2009


Ed Vogel, LVRJ: “Governor’s Proposals: Reaction cool to budget plan” – January 20, 2009

Karen Scott, letter to editor: “Time for Nevada to seek long-term, permanent revenue solutions” – January 18, 2009

Lana Hess; Heather Simpkins letters to the editor: “Teachers don’t expect riches, can’t live with cuts” – January 13, 2009

Blue Sage Views: Memo to Gibbons: Capitalism Works – January 9, 2009

Elliot Parker

Parker’s blog – Budget related

A Reply to Former Senator Bob Beers About State Spending” – December 2008

My reply to the Governor’s podcast” –  February 12, 2009

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