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Who are you anyway?  A retired state employee always tired of state employees being scapegoated. I used to work for the Health Division and NDOT. Now, I work for myself. My name is, Jim Pierce.

Why did you start this blog?  It helps me gets some things out of my head and calms me down… for a little while. I think it is a form of mental therapy but I am not sure it is working.

Are you paid to do the blog?  Nope, but I do get an occasional verbal compliment, some nice blog comments and many visitors.

Does it cost you anything to do the blog? Just a little for the domain name “” which I “point to” the Nevada State Employee Focus blog here on WordPress which is free. So, it mainly costs me my time but I think it well spent.

Are you a Democrat or Republican? I can be both and neither. I am a “Blue Dog Democrat”, conservative fiscally who believes in responsibility from all sides and at all levels. I admit I have some liberal tendencies. Horror of all horrors!

Democratic liberals and Harry Reid don’t like people like me and neither do typical Republicans, especially those who have lost their way. Almost all Republicans in Congress have lost their way. The same for those in the Nevada Legislature and the Governor’s office. A party of “No” means a party of “No-thing”. Barry Goldwater must be spinning in his grave!

You are pretty damned opinionated! Thank You!

How long have you lived in Nevada?  Since July 1965 (Reno) so that makes me a “semi-native”. My birth state is Texas.

How old are you? In my mind I am 26 but my body sometimes argues with me.

Are you allied with any political or business group?  Nope. I support those who support both active and retired state employees.  Support for state employees is a choice and I think a good one!

Have you been to the Legislature? Yes, but not for many years. As a state employee I spent many hours there and never liked it. The whole process is annoying and frustrating and I recommend it to every citizen. I also get a bad feeling even driving by their building because I know what goes on inside.

If I went there now, I might “say something” and my wife would get mad at me!  Plus, getting an audience with a legislator is not easy, no matter what they say. You are not THAT important to them!

Can you influence legislation?  Nope. I wish I could. If only “they” would see things as I do!  I send letters and e-mails like anyone else and write this blog. Only lobbyists and big business truly influence legislation in Nevada. That’s the truth and I have seen it first hand!  “The people” have little say other than to exercise their right to vote for someone they think will do a good job and work for the “People of Nevada”.

What do you really think about ex-Governor Gibbons? My blog posts say it all. But if you need another example:

Some time ago in 2009, I sent Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley, the head of the assembly a letter asking her to impeach Governor Gibbons. There has been no response and the Assembly hasn’t started the process so I guess the answer is, “No.”  I didn’t expect an impeachment or response but I just had to ask, you know?

So, you think you could be the Governor? Sure… how hard can it be to just say no all the time and threaten state employees?  Seriously, I would do it for minimum wage with no threats or intimidation, just cooperation with intelligent thought.

What do you think of Sandoval ? He hasn’t said much except , “No New Taxes” like Gibbons and doesn’t want to try and fix Nevada’s tax structure. Because of this, I am afraid he is clueless. Update: I now believe he is corrupt and incompetent.

How many people visit your blog? According to the ‘blogstats” within WordPress, it is tens of thousands.

Why don’t some of the links work? It is partly my fault for not verifying each one. In the heat of the moment I am not thinking about links.  Plus, links change as webmasters rearrange their sites. Try highlighting the old link, do a right-click and then search it.

Why don’t you support teachers, police or firemen more (county and local employees)? They have collective bargaining rights and unions which ensure they get what they want. State employees do not have that so it is easy to make them the scapegoat for budget problems.

What do state employees say about furloughs and benefit cuts? I have talked to many and none like the cuts… but who would?  They know there will be cuts and understand they are necessary.  They are affected by the recession like any other Nevadan and they want to be treated fairly and with respect. I don’t think that it too much to ask!

How do you get ideas to write about? I react to what I read, hear and the voice in my head. I go to about a dozen websites every day and read what others are saying. Then I do research and put it together in a draft. I work on that for a while then post it when I am satisfied. But I am never satisfied so I keep posting.



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  1. Emily / Feb 25 2016 12:41 pm

    Link for the Employer List for PERS is incorrect.

    Current Link:
    Correct Link:

  2. Chase's dad / Feb 8 2011 4:03 pm

    Can you answer a few questions for me? Is there a way for state employees to get collective bargaining? What would it take? Is there any legal recourse against the state to get the pay rate they promised me when I was hired? With all steps frozen, the new budget cuts cost me 15% of what I was promised to make when I agreed to take the job? A continued freeze will cost me 25% by 2013. I am willing to get people organized if it could make a difference but it seems hopeless. Let me know your suggestions and thanks for taking the time to manage this side. My family and I appreciate it.

    • jimnv / Feb 8 2011 5:42 pm

      Collective bargaining for state employees has been tried many times. Last session a bill was introduced to do just that but it would have excluded wages as part of the equation.
      I haven’t see any BDR about this and I don’t expect any this session but I will write abut it if it happens.

      State employees are at the mercy of the Governor and Legislature for their salaries and benefits. They are politicians and will only help us if it fits in with their ambitions. There is no legal recourse that I know of. You might want to contact ASFSCME Local 4041.Though state employees do not have collective bargaining rights it does have a union to lobby at the Legislature. Carson City Office: 775-882-3910, Las Vegas: 702-431-3113

      In my blog, I try to point out the lies people, politicians and news outlets say or print but there are so many, it is hard to do. Once people start to devalue state employees and believe they are not worth their salary or should get pay cuts even, it is hard to change their minds. State employees are Nevadans with the same problems and financial pressures as anyone else. They are not immune.

  3. Lawrence Cassidy / Feb 4 2011 2:10 pm


    While reading your responses to frequently asked questions, when asked, “Why don’t you support teachers, police or firemen more?” You replied, “They have collective bargaining rights and unions which ensure they get what they want. State employees do not have that so it is easy to make them the scapegoat for budget problems.”

    Well, I am not sure if you were referring to state law enforcement officers as well, but we did NOT have collective bargaining rights, and the NHPA had too little of a membership to have any real influence over anything other than employee picnics and barbeques. As a result, the only pay raises we ever received were those that other state employees also received, except one. It was a pay increase resulting from a deal struck with a certain powerful state senator and the governor at the time, if the NHPA stopped its signature collecting activities for another state senator’s proposition, which would have increased the tax on casinos. According to what I was told by the president of the NHPA at the time, they were threatened that, if they did not comply, the NHP would never see a pay increase again. The NHPA, contrary to my recommendations, decided to end their signature collecting activities, based on the belief that “a bird in the hand was better than two in the bush,” and because time was running short and they did not have the required number of signatures, but were close and may have succeeded in getting the required number in time. Well, you know what is said about making a deal with the devil. The state told the NHPA that they could only give a small portion of the promised pay increase that year, because there was no money allocated for it in the budget, but promised to give the NHP the remainder the following year. When the following year rolled around, the state reneged on the promise and we never saw the remainder of the pay increase.

    By the way, does that sound like a familiar theme to what some politicians and political appointees have in mind for current state retirees and employees?

    • jimnv / Feb 4 2011 2:46 pm

      I was referring to state employees. The county and local employees are well represented… that’s why they make more.

      Politicians want to make state employees pay for their incompetence and lack of will to correct our failed taxing system in Nevada. It is always easy to take away from those who have no legal recourse or standing. State employees get what they get and that is not right.

      • Lawrence Cassidy / Feb 4 2011 3:51 pm


        That is exactly right. The law enforcement officers from sisters agencies used to laugh when I told them how much I made for my years of service, told them how much I paid for my state health insurance premiums, or explained how much of the safety equipment and uniforms I used in my job I had to pay for myself, because it was not provided by the state and because our yearly uniform allowance barely covered the cost of one pair of pants. They recommended that I apply to their department. Junior CHP traffic officers just over the state line in Truckee, doing exactly the same job that I was doing, made over twice as much as I made employed by Nevada, and recommended that I apply for their agency. Nevada State employees have no voice, and no one listens to them or cares about them. It is even worse for Nevada State retirees, probably because they are viewed by all too many of our representatives in Carson City as having outlived their usefulness and are too much of a financial burden on the state. Many law enforcement officers working for Nevada, such as myself, possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Other law enforcement agencies encourage officers to pursue college degrees, and likewise compensate them with extra pay for having or attaining a bachelor’s degree, because well educated, more intelligent law enforcement officers are significantly less likely to be sued, and thereby cost the governmental entities which employ them significantly less money in liability lawsuits. The State of Nevada, however, provides no extra compensation or benefit to their law enforcement officers with college degrees. As a matter of fact, possessing a college degree does not even count toward promotions. The only extra points considered in promotions are veterans’ preference points.

  4. Fawn / Jan 27 2011 4:11 pm

    Just a quick note. The State Salaries of State, County and City Employees are now out of date for all State employees who had to take furloughs. I am now really making what I was in 2007.

    • jimnv / Jan 27 2011 6:48 pm

      You are right.

  5. Cheryl / Sep 22 2010 10:07 am

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the news that Governor Gibbons was hospitalized because his hip was broken. Didn’t anyone realize that while Governor Gibbons was riding his horse during the 8-5pm hours, state employees were working hard at holding down the fort so-to-speak? The same state employees that aren’t important enough to go to bat for? Oh, wait… maybe that was his furlough day!

  6. jimnv / Sep 22 2010 5:53 pm

    Gibbons is always on furlough but gets paid anyway!
    As to his “incident” … I worried about the horse more than anything else.


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