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April 8, 2017 / jimnv

Snowball’s Chance in Hell

A state employee collective bargaining bill has been submitted this session (SB 486) and it was heard on April 7, 2017. Unfortunately it will fail like all the previous bills proposing collective bargaining.

SB 486 would require the executive branch to negotiate wages and benefits.

It is unlikely the bill will make it to the governor’s desk and if it does, he will most certainly veto it. A veto override would be unlikely during the next legislative session in 2019.

State employees make 25 to 30 percent less than a county employee.  State employee wages are quite low and some employees are undoubtedly on public assistance. It is not what I want but it seems Nevada’s political and business masters don’t see a problem with this. The disparity will continue o grow and in 10 years,what then? Very small cost of living increases, though appreciated will never help that much.

The 1977 legislature gave state employees a cross the board 15 percent pay increase because wages fell so far behind. That 15 percent helped with the cost of living deficit but state employees were still way behind.

The legislature and the governor think state employees as second class citizens to do with as they please.

This is shameful and must stop.

This bill died.





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