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August 11, 2015 / jimnv

Jim Wells Won’t Go Away

The old news is that on March 2,2015, Governor Sandoval appointed Jim Wells the NV PEBP  executive director as the “Interim Director” of the Department of Administration. That interim appointment was made permanent on April 27, 2015.

Wells was the Executive Director of NV Public Employee Benefits (4 1/2 years) and worked for PEBP for about 7 1/2 years. Unfortunately, he is now in charge of the Department of Administration. I feel for the agencies/offices now under him.  These are: human resources/personnel, grant management, information technology, fleet services, purchasing, risk management, public works, buildings and grounds, internal audit, hearings and appeals, victims of crimes and library and archives.

As of July 16,2015, the PEBP Board unanimously selected Damon Haycock as its new Executive Director. The Interim Executive Director Kateri Carraher, said during Haycock’s review that the PEBP culture was not good at this time and the Board needed someone who would care about staff and provide leadership. Let’s hope so!

It seems the Board understood the incompetence of the old director.

Sandoval put him into an existing position (Director of the Department of Administration/Budget Director) with even more responsibility that is very troubling. Keeping him as the incompetent executive director of one agency and giving him a new job rewards incompetence. Who you hire reflects on what you are, Mr. Sandoval. Also, have you ever heard of the old maxim, “Past behavior predicts future behavior?”. You might check with personnel about that one.

What will Sandoval do when Wells fails at his new job? And he WILL fail.  I heard he already has!


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