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May 10, 2015 / jimnv

To Kirner…. We “get it” alright

The state assembly approved PERS’ budget last week. When asked for a comment about PERS, Randy Kirner, the ALEC shill as still arguing support for AB 190. NOTE: AB 190 would convert the PERS system to a hybrid one for new hires.

Kirner said he submitted an amendment to AB 190 to eliminate the PERS fiscal note. Apparently Kirner doesn’t like anyone stating the actual cost to implement his plan that is about $800 million dollars annually.

Kirner’s efforts to remove a fact-based fiscal note is unconscionable and politically lame but then we have Kirner.

After lying about PERS, Kirner ended his commentary by saying people who opposed AB 190 justdon’t get it“.

Oh, weget it” alright. We get that Kirner is a political hack who tries to get what he desires one way or another. Pitiful we have people like this in the legislature.

Unfortunately, Kirner may still be successful with AB 190. The session hasn’t ended.

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  1. Bob / May 10 2015 8:45 pm

    I really don’t thimk ab190 has a snowballs chance in hell. And manure for brains Kirner doesn’t have a chance at reelection either. Bridges have been burned and this steaming pile of dung can’t see past the chubby he gets from his pathetic hybrid plan. SEE YA Randy, you’re a real dandy, clown.

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