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May 4, 2015 / jimnv

State Employee Pay – Longevity Pay

State employees have not had longevity pay for many years, and now Sandoval wants to eliminate it.

State employees are still grappling with furloughs and stagnant pay and now face another permanent pay cut. Longevity pay was a type of bonus for long-term employees it was a way to reward long term service. It was also a way to acknowledge the value of long-term employees and how they save the state money because of their expertise. Merit pay varied from $150 (after eight years of service) to $2,350 per year after 30 years of service.

Apparently, no more.

What more do legislators expect from underpaid state employees? The state employee tax is alive and well and being permanently incorporated into our state budget system.


Nevada Legislature: Panel recommends elimination of state worker longevity pay



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