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January 29, 2015 / jimnv

Fiscal Decency Needed

Today, Jim Wells, the head of NV PEBP told the an interim budget meeting that his health insurance cost projections two years ago have resulted in a $100 million surplus reserve funds.

If you remember, there were surplus reserves four years ago under Wells who at that time told the legislature that public employees were causing fiscal problems because we weren’t paying enough.

He was wrong then and now.

His miscalculations mean state employees and other public employees are paying much too much for their high deductible health insurance.

When will it stop? When Jim Wells is removed as executive director. Maybe then, there will be fiscal decency. It would also be the “conservative” thing to do.

NOTE: Articles I have found all say “40,000 active and retired state employees.” It should be “40,000 active and retired public employees.” The health insurance covers active state and local employees and retired public employees.



If interested, there will be a NV PEBP Board meeting on January 30th at 9 am. Here is the agenda.

REMEMBER the 78th Legislative session starts, Monday, February 2,2015. As of today there were only 952 BDRs (Bill Draft Requests) which is amazing. There are usually 1,500 by the start of each session!



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