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March 7, 2014 / jimnv

We’ll See

Brian Sandoval filed for his second term as governor on March 7, 2014. He said that if re-elected he would serve out his full second term. We shall see about that.

It IS guaranteed he will win re-election, unless of course he sets it up so he looses. This would let him challenge Reid in 2016, if Reid runs for re-election and let him keep his promise that he would serve a full second term if re-elected. Now THAT is crazy speculation! 

He said Nevada is in recovery mode but there nothing that shows Sandoval deserves the credit. Our recovery would have happened even if the governor’s office was vacant. Economic recoveries have momentum and Nevada would be swept along toward recovery no matter what.

Finally, he said he still has a lot of work to do in education. This is certainly true… Nevada still ranks at the bottom regarding education. Unfortunately, whatever he has done the past four years hasn’t changed this. It is bothersome he brings it up as a “must do” item now. I wonder why education was not on the his “to do” list four years ago?

Sandoval proves a vacant governor’s office is a good idea and would save money too. He has has had little effect on Nevada other than reducing state employee benefits and laying off hundreds of them so he can brag about it to his conservative friends.

Let’s lay him off but let’s not brag. It would be unseemly to do so.


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