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October 26, 2013 / jimnv

Sandoval – Pay to Play?

This short article covers an email campaign piece Sandoval’s people sent to potential donors. In exchange for monthly donations, donors could have “exclusive benefits” such as video chats and lunch with Sandoval.  Sure sounds like pay-to-play a sleazy tactic by disreputable people.  Of course his campaign officials scoff at this idea since Sandoval is so honest and all. It could be his people are dishonest but then, Sandoval hire them.

Not that the governor listens to me, but he needs to retract the e-mailer now. Otherwise, I will be mentioning this in future articles. I’ll bet others will too.



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  1. Michael Jackson / Oct 29 2013 2:55 pm

    “WASHINGTON — Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Brian Sandoval of Nevada, Republicans tapped for 2016 presidential runs, are visiting Israel.

    Perry, who has visited Israel multiple times, was in the country this week to open the Nazareth campus of Texas A&M University. But he also had meetings with Israeli leaders, including on Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will meet later this week with President Shimon Peres.

    Perry is being accompanied by Fred Zeidman, a major GOP campaign donor, and Matthew Brooks, the director of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

    Sandoval is making his first visit to Israel, where he is studying desert farming techniques. He met with Peres on Sunday. Perry failed in his bid for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, but he has a strong fundraising base and will not run next year for a fourth term as governor, freeing him to devote himself to a ’16 bid.

    Sandoval is considered a rising Latino star who can appeal to Democrats in a swing state.”

    [It’s amazing that politicans can turn a “business trip” that is supposed to help Nevadans into nothing more than political aspirations.

    On the Governor’s site, it reads at the end of his bio: “Governor Sandoval enjoys running, traveling and spending time with his family.” It should actually read: Governor Sandoval enjoys running away from local responsibilities, traveling to other countries in search of political aspirations, and spending time with his family when he gets back.”]

  2. Michael Jackson / Oct 26 2013 12:04 pm

    “Campaign officials say the strategy is aimed at smaller donors”, i.e aiming at smaller businesses, perhaps latinos businesses as the Governor needs their votes to get re-elected. But he hasn’t done a damn thing to combat high unemployment and the low-wages now prevailing in this state. He won’t be getting my vote.

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