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February 13, 2013 / jimnv

NV OSHA Complaint

Kudos to the anonymous LCB employee who filed a complaint about Steven Brooks. The employee characterized Brooks as dangerous and unstable. That was an accurate statement!

The state OSHA contact is Chris Davis who notified the LCB director of the complaint on February 4th. The LCB responded to him by saying they have things under control. For more information, go to this article in the Nevada Appeal:

The LCB director in response to NV OSHA said Steve Brooks was not an employee, but an elected official and “Therefore, he cannot be fired, suspended or otherwise disciplined in the same manner as an employee.”

Still, he can be disciplined and expelled by the Legislature. They need to do this quickly. Taking measures to exclude Brooks from the legislative building was a good step. Unfortunately, the threat is growing. Though Brooks has focused his attention on Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick and perhaps others, whatever he does affects all state employees working at the LCB. Brooks’ latest arrest understandably raises the anxiety level for all employees at the legislature.

A credible dialog with employees is necessary to reduce the level of concern they have. Managing this problem by rumor or press releases does not work well. Maybe the “select committee” could cut off his travel money so he cannot easily fly to Carson City to do harm. Putting him on unpaid leave is another thought.

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