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February 10, 2013 / jimnv

Brooks At It Again

Steve Brooks the embattled legislator was arrested this morning after he attacked a family member and tried to take an officer’s gun during a scuffle. Click here for an article about this:

Now, I think his absence from the legislative session will be permanent, at least I hope so. The legislative committee formed to investigate him won’t do anything because doing something such as expelling him would be the right thing to do. No, the courts will do it for the legislature. Eventually, Brooks will have a trial and go to jail.

I say again, Brooks has a mental health problem and needs help. Come to think of it, so does the legislature and all Nevadans need help.



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  1. Michael Jackson / Feb 10 2013 8:43 pm

    Nevada is 20 years behind before our politicans are more interested in themselves.

  2. D.J.L. / Feb 10 2013 1:26 pm


    I think the legislature has big problems getting this state back on track.
    They need to stop wasting time and my money.Nevada is 20 years behind.

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