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January 20, 2013 / jimnv

Setting the Tone?

Is one legislator is setting the tone for the session? If so, it is not pretty.

On Saturday, Steven Brooks a Nevada state assemblyman, was arrested at a traffic stop in Las Vegas. Apparently, he had threatened the assembly”s Speaker-elect, Marilyn Kirkpatrick because he was unhappy with his committee assignments. He wanted to be the chairman of the powerful assembly Ways and Means committee, but he did not get it.

He told his colleagues at the legislature that he believed Kirkpatrick was out to get him. He even tried to get her ousted as Assembly Speaker. Further, while he was attending a recent interim finance committee meeting many noticed he was acting strangely by repeatedly getting up from his seat and walking around.

Brooks was arrested for making threats against Kirkpatrick. Specifically violating NRS 199.300, a felony of intimidating a public officer through physical violence. He is a Management Analyst with the City of Las Vegas and represents citizens in Northern Clark county, assembly District 17.

Brooks seems unbalanced, and I hope he gets some help. And speaking of help…he is not the only legislator “with issues”. I hope they all leave their guns at home during the session. After thinking about this case Brooks’ crazy antics and paranoia seem almost sane after hearing what some legislators have to say about government employees.

A terrific start in keeping Nevada legislators in line would be a random drug and alcohol testing program for them and their employees. People who write laws that affect everyone should not be impaired when they do so.





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  1. Michael Jackson / Jan 21 2013 11:39 am

    “A terrific start in keeping Nevada legislators in line would be a random drug and alcohol testing program for them and their employees.”

    When I worked at the University, there were a lot of alcohol-related isuues and some drug-related. One person had 4 DUi’s when I started and the University pulled strings to keep him from serving any prison time. He was let go after his 6th DUI (and he was a low-wage state employee) but I feel this was due to a “clean-up” of the University’s Image – there used to be a lot of alcohol parties after dark but, the last couple of years I was there, people were told it was no longer allowed.

    Any kind of “testing” could eliminate 1/3 of the State’s work force and, since some of those might be State’s “friends”, it won’t happen.

    Steven Brooks is just another example of American Government’s lack of Leadership. It’s why the ship is sinking. All they want is to play on the playground of their own choice when we need serious decisions to be made while we still have time before the next economic drop.

  2. Dana Luterick / Jan 20 2013 10:03 pm

    I agree 100% with your current posting.
    Nevada needs all the HELP we can get.

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