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January 18, 2013 / jimnv

Figures Figuring

Recently, Sandoval bragged about adding 30,000 jobs since he became governor. Most economists will agree that many jobs were created in that time. However, none will give Sandoval credit for creating most of them because the economy was improving when he took office. Sure the outlook was bleak and unemployment high but there were signs across the country that things were getting better. It was getting better in Nevada as well despite having an economy dependent on tourism and low paid employees without benefits.

Nevada’s jobs increase is not because of Sandoval’s policies or actions.

For math heads, the politics surrounding the statistics are intriguing, but accuracy is just as important. The 30,000 figure is correct but not accurate. Interestingly Sandoval failed to mention that about 7,000 public sector jobs were lost during this time. So, to be a little more accurate, the net jobs increase is about 23,000, not 30,000.

For example, the number of state employees about four 4 years ago was about 21, 000. Now there are just a little more than 14,000 employees. This is a loss he does not want to discuss. Whether it is thousands of state employees without jobs or whether there were thousands of private sector jobs lost, the personal and economic pain, is the same. The negative economic effects on Nevada are also the same. Ignoring public sector job loss does not make it disappear.

By not mentioning public job losses, he tries to legitimize his numbers. To me, it shows no concern for state employees (or other public employees). Public employees are definitely not part of his math.

By not mentioning public sector job losses, he is padding the jobs numbers to make himself look good. He used a number he either knew was inaccurate or he is ignorant about economics. Neither looks good, but in his world, that does not matter. His eyes are gazing outside of Nevada toward a new love, the power brokers with money in places like Washington,DC. For him, his reelection in two years will simply be another step toward a bigger goal. By then, Nevada will be a place to be from on your way to better things.


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  1. Michele Keith / Feb 10 2013 1:11 pm

    It was actually the public, not the private, sector that shed thousands of jobs in May. While private businesses hired 82,000 people last month, federal, state and local governments wiped 13,000 employees from the payroll, according to Labor Department data.

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