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November 6, 2012 / jimnv

Okay… NOW it’s time to vote

Okay… NOW it’s time to vote if you haven’t already and don’t try to vote twice like the woman in Las Vegas or you will be arrested. Check out the Nevada Secretary of State’s “Election Center” for information about voting.

Today is Election Day and it is an important day to choose who you want for office. As for me, my choice was very clear and I voted early on the first day of “Early Voting” not because I was excited to do so, but it was a way to distance myself from the interminable election process. I must have subconsciously I thought that maybe if I voted early, the ads on TV, radio and the Internet wouldn’t affect me as much. Wrong.

Soon, I readily identified with four-year old Abigael of Fort Collins, CO who just couldn’t take it any more. Watch the video.

Today’s election process was bought and paid for by “people” such as corporations and political action committees (PACs). I “fondly” remember Mitt’s statement, “Corporations are people, my friend.” in August 2011. When he said that, I knew we were all in trouble, because we now had a presidential candidate openly supportive of corporate control of our country.

This is a problem and it’s not the American way. Since when did corporations have the same rights as a person with respect to the first amendment? Well, officially, that started January 21, 2010 when the Supreme Court handed down their Citizen’s United decision. Hopefully that decision will be overturned or nullified by a Constitutional change. Until then, big money will have disproportionate influence on our elections and in the end, every American loses.

As for Nevada, mining companies and then casinos have regularly and openly bought Nevada politicians since 1864 and the 2010 Supreme Court decision has made this more “respectable”. (I never thought I would use the word “respectable” when discussing Nevada politics, but there it is!)

My question is, “How in the hell did we get to the point where citizens are second and big money is first? “

Let’s seriously start talking about a Constitutional amendment to undo the damage caused by our rabidly conservative Supreme Court. I object to a corporate aristocracy running our country or any state. Corporations are not people, my friends.

Citizens United demands amendment”, November 4, 2012, Times Standard

Oh yeah… go vote! But remember,  the 2016 presidential campaigning will start tomorrow . Who knows… maybe the “person” called Bain Capital will run for president.



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