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March 29, 2012 / jimnv

PEBP Meeting summary before Item 7- Plan rates

The Board had a quorum today and took public comment first thing. Here is some of what was said:

AFSCME asked for Jim Wells, the Executive Director to step down because they have lost confidence in him. They expected more from him such as, trust, accountability and transparency. They also wanted him to listen to PEBP participants. Participants were harmed when PEBP dramatically increased costs to participants and this could have been prevented if he did his job.

Other people testified on behalf of state employees. They voiced their concern about cost increases and how this has negatively affected them. Some employees no longer participate, some no longer take medicines they need to stay healthy, and for some, their children are not covered due to deductibles and premiums. One employee said it best, “We all deserve better.”

Dr. David Johnson (Carson City) who cares for many PEBP patients said the high deductible plan  interferes with the proper care of his patients.  He explained that one patient has to pay cash for their kid’s care because they cannot afford to cover them under PEBP. He said it was hard to see that. He used to work in Brazil and said PEBP’s health care plan is worse. He also said the PEBP plan offers benefits lower than most other patients he sees.

The audits reports showed that HealthScope is doing fairly well considering the switch over, except for two areas: claim payments and financial accuracy. The Board approved assessing fines against HealthScope for being out of contract compliance.

Catalyst RX was doing very well with a few glitches. There is a 74 percent plus generic drug use rate by PEBP participants which is the highest in the nation.


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