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March 12, 2012 / jimnv

Sandoval: No Shame, No remorse

Recently, both mining and gaming have challenged initiative petitions to raise their taxes. This was expected. Since the legislature won’t do anything, citizens can try with petitions. It’s not easy, especially with Sandoval saying the petition process is not the way to do things. His words encouraged the legal challenges.  Those challenges say mining companies, and casinos believe Nevadans do not have the right to decide what is best; that Nevadans must yield to corporate power because they know what is best.

Feeling like a corporate slave?

Of course, Sandoval doesn’t like petitions because he is bought and paid for by casinos and mining so he sees any citizen’s petition as an attack on his business friends. Sandoval, gaming and mining have a typical Nevada alliance. First, they made sure Sandoval became governor (like they did with Guinn and Gibbons), then they keep him in power with lobbyist influence and political donations. In turn, he makes sure they get what they want, and he does what they want.

Understanding Nevada politics now?

Sandoval is just as corrupt as Gibbons, but he is much smarter and amazingly transparent in all this.  He doesn’t care everyone knows about his associations and power base.  He has no shame in actively using his associations to feed the corruption in Nevada. It gives him energy and life.  And through all this, I’ll bet he thinks he is honest and sees nothing wrong with his actions and has no remorse.

Understanding the psychopathology of this?

We shall see how the challenges fare in court. I hope the petitions will go forward and garner enough valid signatures to make it to the ballot. It won’t be easy to take back our state from corrupt and greedy politicians and corporations, but we need to try to take back our state even if it is one petition or one Nevadan at a time.

Are you feeling empowered to re-establish democracy in Nevada? Well, are ya?


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