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March 5, 2012 / jimnv

Excellent Article: “ALEC’s Plan for the 2013 Legislature: Part 2 The Assault on Public Employees”

Please read the latest “Excellent Article”: “ALEC’s Plan for the 2013 Legislature: Part 2 The Assault on Public Employees“, Desert Beacon, March 5, 2012.

It discusses in detail, how the assault on all public employees will play out at the next legislative session. These are things I have been mentioning for the past three years. Get ready for even more lies and incessant attacks on state employees starting this year and continuing through June 2013. For ALEC‘s toolkit document, click here. (2 mb PDF)

The current state hiring freeze will become permanent. In addition, the total number of state employees will be reset to the number employed at the time the legislature meets. As for those temporary pay cuts,and furloughs? They will also become permanent. Health insurance premiums and high deductibles will stay the same so even more surpluses can be generated to help balance the budget on the backs of public employees.

See my post: “PEBP- Give Back Our Money“, February 14, 2012

Expect a strong attack on PERS in an effort to convert the system to a 401 k-only scheme. If that is done, it would be like taking away Social Security and replacing it with a 401k plan, something most Americans have rejected. You see, state employees are not part of the Social Security system, they rely solely on PERS. They pay over 12 percent of their income into PERS which is more than double the amount required for Social Security. In part, that is why PERS is fiscally sound.

If most Americans  would not accept a 401 k-only retirement plan, then why would anyone think it would be acceptable for state employees? Answer: Sandoval won’t see a problem with any of this … he does what he is told.


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