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December 15, 2011 / jimnv

Mary Kate (aka Mark Sherwood) Will Not Run Again

It started in August last year when  “Mary Kate” posted a nasty and mean-spirited comment on this blog. I found out it wasn’t Marty Kate as the writer suggested, but Mark Sherwood a candidate for the state Assembly in Henderson. In part, I responded:

“Now, I must speak about your nastiness in calling me a “liar”, a “Marxist” and a “greedy bastard” while hiding behind a fake name thinking no one would care or find out. Your comments were also inaccurate and offered little to the discussion.  Yet, I made them public because my readers need to see there are people like you who are politically stunted and willfully ignorant.”   August 31, 2010, Message to Mark Sherwood aka “Mary Kate”

Just when I started to say some things nice about Sherwood, such as him challenging Muth last session, he decides not to run again. Sherwood cites business concerns as reasons for not running again but it might just be that his district, Assembly District 21, is now more Democratic after the recent redistricting plan. I’ll bet, Mary Kate hates to lose an election.

Oh well, I wonder how his endorsement of Becky Harris, a Las Vegas lawyer will work out? Hmmm… a lawyer. Maybe she will threaten to sue me like some have done. Could she be as nasty as Mary Kate? Can’t wait.

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  1. Shure wood sucks / May 23 2014 10:05 pm


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