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August 3, 2011 / jimnv

Sandoval’s New Photo-op

This week, Sandoval flew to Kuwait and Iraq after being invited to do so by the U.S. Department of Defense.  This makes a great addition to his political resume and the photos will be priceless, especially if he is asked to run for vice-president next year. Maybe “Romney – Sandoval”?

To read an article about this trip click here.

Sandoval needs to rally state employees in Nevada because they are working more with less after almost a fifth of all state employee positions were eliminated the past few years. Further, the “state employee tax” reduced health care coverage and salaries through higher retirement contributions, furloughs, a 2.5 percent permanent pay cut, and the elimination of merit increases and longevity pay.

Unfortunately, Sandoval uses our soldiers for his political gain and that is morally wrong.  But then. I am talking about a politician.


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  1. Frustrated / Aug 4 2011 10:03 am

    Yes, just to share some “real” figures with those that don’t believe State employees have taken their fair cut. Just between last fiscal year and this fiscal year I will be taking another $7,500 cut in combined salary and benefits!!! This now means that since I began working for the State in 2004 I don’t have anything to show for my time. Every raise I did receive prior to salary freezes has been erased. I don’t think folks in the private sector would be happy with this either as I have had folks in the private sector complain to me about not having a raise for over a year…..really…..try 6 years!!! Thank you Sandoval.

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