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August 3, 2011 / jimnv

NPRI: Who Are They Slaves to?

The NPRI, the Nevada Policy Reasearch Institute an enemy of all public employees, likes to tout itself as an independent non-partisan think-tank. Unfortunately, the IRS has accepted their argument and gave it public charity status many years ago. The fact is, and they will protest this … their relationships are definitely partisan… specifically Republican. The question is… who owns them? Of course it is the donors who give them money.

Non-partisan? Hardly. At best, they co-opt Libertarian themes and use them as a cover for their Republican masters. They use terms such as  free enterprise or markets, pro-liberty,  limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, family values and strong national defense. These are principles non-Republicans believe in as well, but to hear them talk only they do. Like they are special or something. They are not.

The NPRI is owned by its donors. Here a four donors of the present and the past:

$133,000 from the Jaquelin Hume Foundation: Founded by Jaquelin Hume who was a major donor to Ronald Reagan’s gubernatorial and presidential campaigns and founded Citizens For America  which promote Reagan ideals. The organization funds conservative organizations such as the Goldwater and Cato Institutes.

$100,000 from the Castle Rock Foundation funded by the Coors family, an arch conservative and Republican family.

$110,000 from the Roe Foundation, which donates over 10 million dollars to conservative groups including the Heritage Foundation which has established a network of conservative institutions and founded by Joseph Coors.

$60,000 from the JM Foundation, another conservative group run by Republicans.

The NPRI is a slave to conservative groups allied with Republicans. The question is, “Are their “studies” unbiased?” Nope! And, it is not partisan to expose the abuses of our tax system as it relates to charities.


This is NPRI’s 2009 Form 990.  and for the 2008 Form 990. The IRS does not require the NPRI or groups like them to specifically describe their benefactors or endowments.



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  1. Robert Sloan / Aug 25 2011 5:08 am

    NPRI is just one of about thirty Conservative funded “think tanks” who do the bidding of and cater to the likes of Koch, DeVos, Scaife and Coors’ family fortunes and agenda. They assist the cabal to float their ideologies with skewed facts, statistics and rhetoric under innocuous sounding titles – like “right to work” laws (right), CO2 and Carbon Dioxide are beneficial to our health and wealth (right) and work to defund any program or initiative of state or federal agencies or departments that regulate or control.
    Their real addiction to and support for smaller government(s) is driven by their pursuits of replacing it once they manage to make it small enough to take over. NPRI is one tool in their arsenal – and they have at least one of these in every state to keep their message and agenda working statewide.
    They should be lobbied against, revealed and abolished as we are trying to do to ALEC, Koch and their entire evil empire.

  2. Uhave2laff / Aug 21 2011 11:10 pm

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Geoffrey Lawrence and Patrick Gibbons are among the worst offenders at NPRI with their self-published, so-called “studies” that only have outcomes desired by the conservative rank and file.

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