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July 25, 2011 / jimnv

Pledging Allegiance

Anyone who signs a political pledge signs away their independence and elected office to a group that cares little about the Nevadans. Signing a pledge means the person gives his allegiance to a group other than the people of Nevada and this is wrong because a politician’s vote belongs to the people and not to a self-serving group.

It is easy to sign a statement to get votes but in the end, the signer must be capable of making thoughtful and relevant decisions. That is the issue. If a politician signs a pledge, then it means he is incapable of independent thought or is unwilling to use the intelligence he has to make the decision/s himself. Signing a pledge is dishonorable.

So, are there politicians in Nevada who have signed a pledge? Well, what kind of question is that! Of course there are!

Let’s start with our state senators: Barbara Cegavske, Don Gustavson, Elizabeth Halseth and Michael Roberson. In the assembly they are Ed Goedhardt, Richard McArthur, John Hambrick and Pete Livermore. As a statement of fact…. they are all Republicans.  They are mindless cowards, one and all!

For our federal level politicians they are Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Joe Heck. Again, as a statement of fact, they are Republicans and mindless cowards.

For the names of more cowards go to the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge". 

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