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June 28, 2011 / jimnv

Why State Employees Are Retiring

I read a recent article about why more state employees are retiring early such as fewer and more expensive benefits, cuts in agency budgets, increasing workloads, and pay-cuts. It is no surprise to see retirement increases over the past three years.

All this started with Kenny Guinn and has remained a top priority for every governor since. Their plans were to make things so bad that employees will leave so they can be replaced by new and lower paid employees with fewer and more expensive benefits. The changes were designed to purge as many experienced state employees as possible. Politicians on all sides are responsible so remember this in upcoming elections.

The effects of the recent budget changes will be felt in the next fiscal year so expect even more retirements because the workplace is not going to get better for at least two more years. I expect they will get worse in the 2013 legislative session because the anti-state employee momentum reached critical mass this year.


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