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June 5, 2011 / jimnv

Mining Weasels

From the beginning the mining industry said it wanted to pay its fair share.  As usual, they lied. Yesterday their lobbyists worked on a deal to make a one-time payment of $24 million in return for changes to SB 493 which seeks to limit their tax deductions. They want the bill rewritten to allow them to keep deductions for sales tax and health insurance.

What a bunch of low-life weasels… no insult to the real ones which are kind of cute.

This smacks of a payoff. I hope the legislature eliminates the deductions they planned to eliminate and for me this is not good enough. All deductions should be eliminated by repealing the net proceeds tax law, NRS 362.120 . This would stop their shameful tactics.


“Mining Scam… Let’s End it Now!”, April 17, 2011

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