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May 10, 2011 / jimnv

Health Insurance Decision

Yesterday, the Assembly Ways and Means and Senate finance committees approve PEBP cuts by maintaining the current state contribution of $680.84 per month. This is a brief summary of what the plan will cover, starting July 1, 2011:

HMO rates will be blended statewide as they currently are for the PPO plan.

The health plan will become a high deductible one with $1,900 out of pocket per person and $3,800 for a family.

Individuals could use their new health savings account to off set this amount. (Current deductibles are $800 for an individual and $1,600 for a family)

After the out of pocket deductible is paid, the plan would pay 75 percent of medical and prescription costs. (Currently the plan pays 80 percent)

There will no longer be any co-payments., e.g., prescription drug and physician office visit co-payments.

Medicare eligible retirees must now move to a Medicare Exchange program.

Employees with spouses with health insurance through their work will be kicked out of the program.

Vision benefits have been eliminated except for an annual exam.

There are reduced dental benefits and the maximum annual amount will be $1,000 per year whether in-network or not. The deductibles will be doubled to $100 for individuals and $300 per family (3 or more persons).

Here is a link to the health plan document from PEBP . The cost information starts on page 4.


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