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April 7, 2011 / jimnv

AB 428 – Hearing Getting Hot – Send in Security

A hearing is underway for AB 428 which seeks to limit the number of deductions mining can use to avoid paying taxes to Nevada.

During the proceedings, a UNLV student testifying on bill warned he and others would be watching decisions on budget. Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick , Chair of the Taxation Committee, admonished the witness for being disrespectful. Shortly there after security entered the meeting room.  She also went on to say that it was also disrespectful to judge them based on how they vote in committee.

So this is how it’s going to be? Thuggery at the legislature just because they are being watched?

Every legislator and lobbyist who pay for their votes must be watched, then maybe some of the sleazy things they do can be outed for everyone to see. There are public hearings because it’s about Democracy… where every citizen gets to watch and decide. You may not understand this Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick … but it’s not about you.

Legislative intimidation all because a citizen said he was watching them. Well, Assemblywoman Kirkpatrick… I am watching you… now send security to my location now!


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