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April 6, 2011 / jimnv

Sandoval as VP? It Makes Sense!

Last May I heard that Brian Sandoval would be considered for VP for the 2012 Presidential elections. Now, the Nevada Democratic Party issued a press release stating that he should be governor first and a VP candidate last.

Last year, I thought the rumor was outlandish but after thinking about it for a while decided it was very plausible, even desirable for the National Republican party. If they can find a popular middle-aged white man for President then a Hispanic one would help their ticket immeasurably.

For me this all fits. Sandoval cares only for himself, he is politically shallow, and has proven he will quit one job for another if it benefits him. He has the backing of very wealthy individuals and businesses in Nevada (think casinos and mining) and he is very loyal to them (does what he is told). A perfect candidate!

His  “No New Taxes” mantra is mindless but it will help him when a VP candidate is needed next year. Republicans just love that stuff!


Thanks to Jon Ralston for a his Tweet about the press release. It jogged my memory so I could write this.


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