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March 23, 2011 / jimnv

Biting Him in the Butt (I hope it hurts)

Poor Sandoval and his supporters. They wanted to steal county school bond funds, approved by voters to pay for school repairs and use them for operating expenses. This was to plug a $300-$400 million dollar budget hole in Sandoval’s faux-budget. But their political ploy was met with resistance and the “School Works” bill (AB 183) was passed by the state senate today. This means the bill now goes to the governor for his signature or veto. I’ll bet on a veto, because for Sandoval, stealing is okay if it balances the budget and caters to his political base.

No doubt the legislature called Sandoval’s hand, forcing him to support his nonsensical, “No New Taxes” mantra with veto.  If  the only thing you have to say is “No new taxes” then there is no room for compromise or even discussion. That’s sad and incompetent.

Shame on you governor and your supporters too! Throw away the slogans and get to work for all Nevadans.


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