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March 17, 2011 / jimnv

Hey you! No Trespassing!

Apparently there was a kerfuffle  today between Anjeanette Damon, a great reporter for the Las Vegas Sun and an Assemblyperson and staff. Unbeknownst to Ms. Damon, she was not allowed to approach the politician to ask a question while on the dais. Interesting. This is something new to me and apparently to her.  The basis for this is Assembly rule #53 which says:

Rule No. 53.  Communications.
1.  Out of respect for the privacy of committee members and staff, members are requested to
hold conversations with lobbyists and members of the public at a location other than at the dais.
2.  Lobbyists, the press, and members of the public are not allowed at the dais.

So that’s how its going to be, elected public officials and employees too special to be approached while conducting the public’s business in a public place with no expectation of privacy. I support Anjeanette’s right to ask a question no matter where that might be, including the public restroom where many deals are made and questions are answered.

Seriously, there should have been warnings about this so I suggest appropriate no trespassing signs prominently posted. How about this: “Public Property. No Trespassing.” in red letters.

A sign,”Do not feed talk to the animals” also comes to mind but that would be mean.

Just thought of something… what if I were standing near the dais and overheard some conversation? Would that scenario fall under the rule?

I have pretty good hearing though slightly impaired by age and rock music but I could realistically hear some private public stuff. Therefore, an additional sign is needed: “Danger: Ear Protection Must Be Worn. Noise Bullshit level may damage hearing”.


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