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March 14, 2011 / jimnv

Tax Audit and BS

Sandoval has announced that he is scheduling an emergency meeting of the  Tax Commission to discuss the lack of mining tax audits the past two years and Senator Horsford wants an emergency bill to conduct a performance audit of the Department of Taxation’s tax collection efforts.

While audits are needed to make sure Nevada gets what it’s supposed to in taxes, the next step should be to give the Tax Department what it needs to correct mistakes and continue its oversight such as staff and money. As a step in the wrong direction, Sandoval still wants to cut the Department’s budget despite this fiasco.

Finally, the legislature and Sandoval must eliminate NRS 362.120 which gives mines the ability to sometimes pay no taxes on billions earned. Until that happens, all the posturing is bullshit and Nevada looses.. again. How about an emergency bill for that Senator Horsford?

Remember if the net proceeds law is not changed or eliminated this session then all this is a sham and mining wins again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As all this political drama is playing out, we must remember that just because Sandoval’s director was possibly incompetent and just following orders, the rest of the Tax Department employees are hardworking and honest. Like every state employee they must work harder with less pay and with fewer and more expensive health benefits.


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  1. Lawrence Cassidy / Mar 16 2011 9:37 am

    What puzzles me about Governor Sandoval, his team, and some of the Nevada legislators is that when you, I, and other middle class people want to balance our budgets at home and reduce our deficits, we not only cut our expenditures, but we also seek additional revenue by working a 2nd or 3rd job to make ends meet; yet it appears that they have almost exclusively, if not exclusively, focused on cutting only their expenditures, namely the pay, benefits, and pensions of state employees and retirees, and turned a blind-eye to seeking additional revenue, even legitimately owed tax revenue. I find that quite disturbing, because it indicates that Governor Sandoval and certain legislators are more concerned with fulfilling a political agenda and satisfying the demands of special interest groups than they are in resolving the state’s financial crisis.

    If that assessment is accurate, which it appears to be, Nevada is in even more trouble than it is already in. Our political leaders cannot allow themselves to be so politically partisan and closed-minded that they fail to take every appropriate and reasonable measure to fairly and ethically resolve the state’s financial problems, regardless of which special interest group may be effected. We already know that state employees and retirees are willing to sacrifice, because they have already done so, and are willing to accept other sacrifices. However, they just do not want to be demonized and persecuted as politicians single them out in their efforts to reduce and balance the state’s budget and deficit, yet ignore those who contributed heavily to their politcal campaigns or who are granted preferential treatment as a special interest group of a political party.

    I like your words, “posturing” and “sham.” I suspect that they are very accurately applied if Nevada’s political leaders fail to seek additional revenue, especailly in regard to revenue which is already legitimately owed to Nevada by the laws already in place, but have been cast aside and ignored as a political favor to those who have “buttered their bread” and “lined their pockets” with campaign contributions.

    What bewilders me is how such politicians can morally and ethically justify to themselves such preferential treatment of one group of people over another group of people. They are suppose to be representing ALL THE PEOPLE; you know, that concept of govenment of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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