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February 28, 2011 / jimnv

New Salary Study by the LV Chamber of Commerce

The report called “State-to-State Comparison of Public Employee Compensation Levels – 2009” was released by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce recently.

The top paid employees were: firefighters, water supply employees, “other” fire employees  and sewerage employees. Nevada is last in terms of public employees per 1,000 residents and the average wage was $56,872. The study states Nevada public employees in 29 job categories, are the 9th highest paid in the country and got a 2.2 percent raise in 2009. In their 2008 report, Nevada’s public employees were the 6th highest paid with an average salary of $55,300.

In that time, most public employees got an average pay raise of almost $1,600 a year but state employees got no cost of living, instead they got a 4.6 percent pay cut. This was because local employees have collective bargaining right and contracts.

Somehow state employees are lost in all this as usual. Remember: state employees represent about one fourth of all public employees if you add in the University system.

What I see in this study is the same approach as the last one … it is convenient to lump state employees into the statistics to make them look like they are over paid when they are not.

If you download the report, please read their ANALYSIS LIMITATIONS section. Some “analysis limitations” would be: classifications of county/state employees differ, the the complexity of job functions, qualifications and experience required for a position or classification were not considered and the data is incomplete.

So, take the report for what it is…. another Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce commissioned study, biased against public employees, especially state employees.


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