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February 4, 2011 / jimnv

Supreme Court Doesn’t Get It

In many ways, the Supreme Court doesn’t get it when we talk about a “shared sacrifice” but what they do get is  more money for salaries. To summarize.

There were no furloughs like other state employees.
There are no plans for a 5 percent pay cut like regular employees.
Judges are getting a 2 percent longevity pay raise each year, state employees are getting none.
Justices are getting an extra $30,000 a year for service in a Supreme Court Library Commission.
Justices get up to 22 percent additional pay for serving on the Pardons Board, which is part of their job duties while state employees must work with fewer  people have to take on additional duties for no extra pay.
They get significant pay increases.

I wrote about this before in: “Supreme Court Pay Raises“, October 3, 2010.
And while some legislators believe correctly that all employees must be treated fairly and equally, they obviously clueless about that they do. See my post: “Cut LCB Pay During the Session“, August 17, 2010. Their employees do not have to take furloughs during the session and they get overtime as well. Not very fair, is it? Oh yeah, to deal with the stress they get their very own Legislative Gym.



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