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January 27, 2011 / jimnv

Hatchet Job on Licensing Boards and Commissions

This is what Sandoval said in his state of the state address on January 24th:

“I will work with Legislative leadership to introduce a bill that “sunsets” every licensing and advisory board now on the books. More than 180 of these entities require gubernatorial appointments. Under our proposal, boards and commissions will sunset at the end of June 2013, giving us plenty of time to eliminate, consolidate, or improve functions among those that must remain.”

So, Sandoval and his team think it is easier to summarily eliminate every board and commission than investigate what they do and demand justification for their existence.

Last year the Gibbons administration was looking into every board and why can’t Sandoval build on that? Is it too difficult to determine which board must stay and which must go? Is it? Really?

How about the medical board? Stay or dissolve?

Same for the nursing, dental, pharmacy, funeral directors and chiropractor‘s boards.

How about the Gaming Control Board. Stay or get it out-of-the-way?

Same for the accountants, the state bar, parole, real estate and engineering & land surveyors boards.

If Sandoval and his staff cannot work with what has already been done then there is a serious competence problem. The information is there and just needs to be acted upon. A good start would be rummage around and find out what Gibbons did previously. They also might want to look at the Legislature’s Reports of Occupational Licensing Boards webpage for some information.

A political hatchet job is just like a  “No New Taxes” mantra… neither are effective management and don’t solve anything. They are also intellectually lazy and irresponsible.


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