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January 5, 2011 / jimnv

“The Shameful Attack on Public Employees”

The Shameful Attack on Public Employees“, by Robert Reich is a well written article that discusses the unjustified attacks against public employees. It is a good read and worth your time.

I have said this many times … that attacks on Nevada state employees are wrong and partisan. State employees have no collective bargaining rights and therefore make 25-30 percent less than a local public employee. Their average annual salary is about $44,000 and to make that, requires a degree and many years of experience. They actually make less than a private sector employee doing the same job.

Yet the vitriolic attacks continue. Shameful.

Later this month, Sandoval will outline his version of a “state employee tax” to balance the budget. He will demand that state employees both active and retired to pay for the things everyone else wants through salary freezes and reduced benefits. Just more Gibby-gab and dishonesty.

Previous posts:

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“Gibby Gab” Challenge to the Legislature, January 18, 2009, I define Gibby-gab in this post.

“Gibby Gab”
1) verb, to talk excessively and repetitively especially about matters of importance; hollow political chatter
2) noun, ineffective talk or argument; trivial talk about important matters
3) noun, gift of the gab, ability to speak without saying much


The budget was important to Nevadans but with his  ’gibby gab’ he was able to ignore it and walk away.

Not wanting to solve the problem, he ‘gibby gab-ed’ it away.


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