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January 4, 2011 / jimnv

Wanna Bet?

Sandoval was once a member of the Jones Vargas law and lobbyist firm until they got him elected last year. In that effort, clients (casinos, mining and health care) of the firm gave tens of thousands so they could have access when he was elected and it will now pay off.  This is “so Nevada” and Sandoval’s executive order regarding gifts and ethics yesterday was very symbolic and it made him look gubernatorial.

Like many, I have questions:

Wanna bet those companies will have better access than you or me or any other business?

Wanna bet those favored businesses won’t have to worry about tax increases while the average Nevadan will?

Wanna bet it will be they who will guide the governor’s budget which will include much less for state employees, Nevadan’s in general and more for them?

Wanna bet they will support and defend a “State Employee Tax”  guaranteeing less salary and fewer benefits for state employees because they refuse to pay their share?

Wanna bet they see Nevada guaranteeing their low tax status for the next four years? Mining has got to love it, billions of income and sometimes NO taxes to pay.

Wanna bet the gifts Sandoval was talking about in his executive order were exchanged before he was sworn in?

Is all this a questionable and little corrupt? Yeah, but this is Nevada politics where big businesses get what they want and Nevadans get the bill.


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