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December 14, 2010 / jimnv

Some Bills Now Ready

There are currently almost 700 bill draft requests (BDRs) and there will be double that before the legislative session starts on February 7, 2011.

The LCB has provided the latest bills (formerly BDRs) on their “Prefiled Bills of the 76th (2011) Session” webpage.

Some highlights:

SB 41: Eliminates mandatory collective bargaining for local government employers. (BDR 23-412)

AB 37:Revises provisions relating to the hours of operation of state offices. (BDR 23-422)

It’s good  to see the LCB getting the bills out to the public. BDRs only have simple and sometimes cryptic explanations of the proposed legislation.


Remember you can sign-up for a tracking account at the Legislature’s website. Here is the link.

There are several types of accounts but the one I use is free (Option 5) which allows you to track up to 10 BDRs or bills. It’s a great way to track proposed legislation important to you. Remember… it’s free so sign up. It’s easy! Again, here is the link. To help get you started and confused, here is a link to the ever growing BDR list. Pick one or two and add them to your tracking account.

This is from an earlier post:  “BDR Overload“,September 14, 2010


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