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December 6, 2010 / jimnv

A Billion Here and a Billion There

Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford says that the budget deficit is about $ 2.7 billion and not $1.1 billion as Sandoval thinks it is. Horsford said that stimulus money and sunsetted taxes increase the deficit by $1.6 billion, half of that for education. For some nice looking charts, please click here.

The fight will be on. Semantics is important in politics, the “devil is in the details” and statistics can lie. A billion here and a billion there means Nevada is in for a big fight next year. Unfortunately Sandoval is slinging the Gibby Gab (No New Taxes) and that is no way to manage as we have seen the past four years during the Gibbons administration.

Deciding beforehand and being knuckheaded is no way to run a government or legislature … it means there is little room for compromise or even thoughts of compromise. I wrote about this during the 2009 legislature. A nice post to revisit would be: “All I want is to make it stop!“, January 16, 2009.

Hat tip: Jon Ralston


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