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November 19, 2010 / jimnv

Brutal Budget Cuts Planned

According to a recent article by Jon Ralston, the state budget will be cut more than the expected 10 percent. The additional costs will be 15 percent on top of the planned 10 percent, for a total budget cut of 25 per cent. See the budget docs he provided here.

The share borne by each agency has not been determined and they will be unequal and brutal. If this scenario plays out, there will be thousands of state employees laid off.

Further, Sandoval plans to eliminate the requirement to purchase PERS credits for state employees for employees laid off.  see NRS 286.3007 “Purchase by state agency of credit for service: Conditions.” This means long time state employees are being targeted. This reminds me of what the late Governor Guinn wanted to do to reduce salary costs… eliminate senior employees because they cost too much and replace them with new ones making less.

Why is it that state employees are expected to bear the brunt of the budget problems when half of the general fund budget goes to schools? This is a “state employee tax” that no other employee would accept.



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