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November 5, 2010 / jimnv

State Employees: No Texting While Driving State Vehicle

The state has rules about how state government and its agencies are to work and they are about to change. On November 9th, the Board of Examiners will consider a new rule for the State Administrative Manual (SAM). It will ban texting while driving by all state employees while they are using a state vehicle. This is a good idea not only for state employees but for all drivers.

The proposed language is:

1320 – Texting While Driving a State Vehicle

1. A person shall not drive a state motor vehicle while using an electronic wireless communications device to write, send, or read a text-based communication.

a) As used in this section “write, send, or read a text-based communication” means using an electronic wireless communications device to manually communicate with any person using a text-based communication, including, but not limited to,communications referred to as a text message, instant message, or electronic mail.

b) For purposes of this section, a person shall not be deemed to be writing, reading,or sending a text-based communication if the person reads, selects, or enters a telephone number or name in an electronic wireless communications device for the purpose of making or receiving a telephone call.

2. This does not apply to a driver who is:

a) Receiving messages related to the operation or navigation of a motor vehicle;safety-related information including emergency, traffic, or weather alerts; data used primarily by the motor vehicle; or radio.

b) Using a device or system for navigation purposes.

c) Conducting hands-free wireless interpersonal voice only communication that does not require manual entry, except to activate, deactivate, or initiate a feature or function.

Agenda Item # 4, language on page 38 of the meeting packet.


The purpose of SAM is as follows (taken from SAM)

SAM is an official publication of the Department of Administration and is issued under authority of the Governor and the Board of Examiners. The Governor instructs all State executive agencies to comply with the provisions of this manual to promote economy and efficiency in the government of the State of Nevada.


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