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November 1, 2010 / jimnv

Dad Says – Won’t Vote? Then Get the Hell Out!

The right to vote is guaranteed in the Constitution but this post isn’t about that right but about people who, for some dumb reason decide not to vote. Incredibly, millions don’t even register and if they do, don’t bother to vote because they are tired, or it’s cold, rainy or sunny.  Basically, they are too damned lazy.

Enough of the lame excuses. If you won’t vote, then you have no right to call yourself an American. It doesn’t matter that you really think Obama is a Socialist or Republicans are Fascist war-mongers, if you won’t exercise the right to help elect someone else, then you don’t belong in the United States.

Really, get the hell out and find some other country to bother.  Do it now! NOW!

Wow! I feel better.  I am “channeling” my dad here… he fought in WWII like so many others and felt the right to vote was precious and an obligation.  He even voted while fighting lung cancer, so what’s your excuse this time?  And when are you leaving?

To all the active voters… Thank you!


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