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September 11, 2010 / jimnv

Deadbeats Who Owe the State of Nevada Money

Kim Wallin, the state’s Controller has a list of Nevada’s deadbeats and wants people to know about it. Please read an article in the LV Sun by clicking here or just go directly to the website by clicking here. By October the state will update the website so people can pay their bill by debit or credit card.

(After the PDF is up, you can search for a name.)

I am sure many will think publishing this information is a travesty and unfair but people who do not pay their debts put a strain on Nevada’s budget. It is everyone else who has to pay when they don’t.

The following information is take directly from the website:

Who Owes Nevada Money?

This is a list of persons and entities owing money to the State of Nevada at the date of publication of the list. The accuracy of this list depends upon the accuracy of information reported to the Office of the State Controller. It is possible that some debts may have been satisfied in whole or in part subsequent to the date that the debts were reported to the State Controller. Persons and businesses are cautioned not to use this list as a basis for extending credit or refusing to extend credit to a person or entity, nor for purposes of deciding whether to enter into any commercial or financial transaction with any person or entity.

Debtors List Break Down:
Page 1 – 10age 1 – 10
Page 11 – 20
Page 21 – 30
Page 31 – 40
Page 41 – 50
Page 51 – 60
Page 61 – 70
Page 71 – 80
Page 81 – 90
Page 91 – 100
Page 101 – 110
Page 111 – 120
Page 121 – 130
Page 131 – 140
Page 141 – 150
Page 151 – 160
Page 161 – 170
Entire Debtors List

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