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August 17, 2010 / jimnv

Cut LCB Pay During the Session

I know some think it unfair that I proposed a 4.6 percent pay cut for LCB employees if they were not going to take furloughs during the 2011 session. A similar law was proposed at a legislative session regarding prison guards who were unable to take furloughs because of public safety so it’s not warped idea nor is it twisted … it’s only fair. And fairness counts when pay is on the line.

State employees must work harder and for 4.6 percent less. Why should LCB employees be any different?

The big difference here is that the Legislature has no qualms about paying their employees more than average and 4.6 percent more in 2011. They also guarantee overtime for almost every employee because they dither and choke up at the beginning of every session and have to get their work done at the end of the session.

Again… if the LCB is unwilling or unable to ensure their employees take furloughs during the session like every other state employee, then their employees MUST take a 4.6 percent pay cut during that time. If it doesn’t happen it will prove my point that LCB employees are treated better than the rest and too many think they are special.

The fact is, they are not and BTW, neither are Supreme Court employees. See my comment and links below:

Are you aware that Nevada Supreme Court employees do not have to take furloughs according to an order by the Nevada Supreme Court. Now, isn’t that special?! I am sure they think this is fair.

Nevada Supreme Court Again Defers Staff Furloughs

Nevada Supreme Court workers won’t take furloughs“, July 8, 2010

High court employees skip furloughs“, July 7, 2010


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