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August 14, 2010 / jimnv

Legislative Staff Better than the Rest?

The Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) says it will not require furloughs for permanent or temporary staff during the 2011 legislative session citing time constraints. By doing this, the LCB says they are different, special and the rules do not apply to them. I guess when you work for the Legislature you can openly say this but the arrogance of the argument is appalling.

Regular state employees must take furloughs and this represent a 4.6 percent pay cut.

How about this…. during the Legislative session give all LCB workers a pay cut of 4.6 percent then resume furloughs after the session.


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  1. Dan / Aug 16 2010 12:53 pm

    Contrary to your twisted logic, it is not “fair” to have some people work more hours for less pay while others with the same decrease in pay get the day off. If you were really all that concerned about “fairness” you’d have every state worker take a 4.6% pay cut during the session and we could all go back to furloughing afterwards.

    And no, I do not work in the LCB.

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