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August 6, 2010 / jimnv

Attacks and More Whining

I recently wrote a post which was a reply to a comment and pointed out some facts to correct some blatant misinformation and of course, to voice my opinion. And what do I get…more whining! Incredible! No, really incredible! And the response was martyr-like which is really annoying!

I was expecting this and waiting for it and I expect more of the same in the future. It validates my positions and I like it so, “Bring it on!”

When “research” is based on dubious information and some claim it as fact, then I guess all you have are personal attacks. Pitiful, really.

Many years ago a colleague told me, “Jim, when they attack you personally, then it shows they don’t have a case.” The ole’ boy was right!

I am not saying everything proposed by the “research” institute is nonsense but the attacks on state employees in the guise of “research” is intellectually dishonest.

The “research” institute is supported by those who want to make state employees second class citizens. While they are doing this they collect their lavish salaries demanding reductions in pay and benefits for state employees.

The “Ground Zero” for these posts were my comments about NV PERS. Here it is: “State Employee Pension System Is Paid For and Financially Well“, August 3, 2010


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