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July 18, 2010 / jimnv

Perverted Angle

I know, I know… some will wonder why I wrote this post because it isn’t really about state employees, the governor or legislature but when you see and hear some things… comments must be made and besides, the Nevada Senate race affects us all.

As you probably know, our US Senate race is between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle and we are beginning to find out what she believes. She claims the Republican party is behind her to defeat Reid. She already has the backing of the Tea Party Express which also endorsed Gibbons for re-election.  He lost and hopefully Angle will to. Here are some of her, “you have got to be kidding me” positions:

Rape and incest are part of God’s plan. She said women and girls made pregnant through rape and incest must keep their babies and make lemonade out of lemons. It’s God’s plan she says. Only a religious pervert would believe rape and incest are God’s plan. Really… only a sick pervert would think this.

She wants to get rid of Social Security and has backtracked somewhat on these positions, calling for personalization. She said her daddy didn’t take social security because it he thought it was welfare and apparently she thinks it is too.

She dislikes people on unemployment and believes it causes malingering. While a small percentage of the unemployed are certainly lazy butts, most are not. She has no clue about how few jobs there are “out there” and unemployment insurance payments are  the only way to pay the bills while you look for work.

She also doesn’t think a senator should help the state create jobs and we can then infer from this, that she won’t lift a finger to help Nevada and the country deal with the Great Recession.

She wants to reinstate alcohol prohibition by treating it the same way we treat those using marijuana. No… really, she does! Now, how will that play with casinos?

She thinks her political race is a calling from God. Oh really, is this the same god that makes rapes and incest part of His grand scheme of the universe?

She wants to eliminate the EPA and the Department of Education. She is a BP apologists and thinks the 20 billion dollar escrow plan is extortion by Obama.

She said if there isn’t a change in Congress, such as her winning the election, the people need to use the Second Amendment to get what they want. So, she thinks everyone will vote for her and she if she looses, it’s because the election was stolen so “the people” will need to take up arms to get “our country back”.

She doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state, at least not when it comes to Christianity. She would intrude on the lives of all citizens, impose a theocracy nationwide and use religious laws like the Muslim Sharia to insure order. She is a Christofacist who used to belong to the Independent American Party which also believes in no separation of church and state.

No matter what she says, what trumps all things is her belief that rape and incest are part of God’s plan because it  goes to the core of her belief structure and personality.  Only a religious pervert would think that way and do we really want another one of those in Congress?  Actually, do we need any of those anywhere?


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