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July 4, 2010 / jimnv

Except State Employees

According to the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), government employees in Nevada received salary increases and earned more than the average private sector employee in 2009. This was reported in an article here. (Reno Gaz. Jr, July 4, 2010)

State employees cannot collective bargain and therefore have no wage protections. They took a pay cut of 4.6 percent.  Further, there are no cost of living or merit increases and longevity pay was eliminated. Despite this, DETR claimed state employees got a $17 a week pay raise. This is baffling.

Their report also states there are 33,771 state employees which this is clearly wrong. I know, I tabulated them earlier this year and as of February 10, 2010 there were 16,925 employees. Read my post: ” The Number of State Employees”  It could be DETR is counting the University System where most employees have contracts.

Reporting on this and reaction to it shows people think public and private sectors have comparable educational and work experience requirements and therefore should have comparable and equivalent pay. This is wrong. For example, the largest number of private sector employees work for casinos. Question: How many casino employees must have a degree?

Of course the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, supported by casinos, mainly in Las Vegas believe government employees and state employees in particular make too much money. They use their slanted studies to confidently attack  state  employees at each legislative session. Expect them to increase their shrill rhetoric into the new year as the Legislature gets ready to meet in February 2011.


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