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June 23, 2010 / jimnv

Gibbons Right About The IFC

On June 22nd Gibbons wrote a letter to the Fiscal Analysis Division of the LCB questioning the interim budget process and challenging the legality of the Interim Finance Committee (IFC). Here it is. ( LV Sun)

Gibbons lays out his position in a collection of questions and challenges the legislature on many points. He did a good job. The one I especially liked was questioning the need for 100 plus full time LCB staff between legislative sessions. He summarizes his point by stating, “Why does a part-time legislature require full-time employees?”

I have always believed the IFC is unconstitutional and at very least annoying and frustrating.  Though the IFC process seems a logical way to keep things running between sessions,  it significantly affects the Executive Branch in time and expense to response to requests (demands)  and reports between sessions.

To make things worse  the IFC process is politically petty, punitive and arbitrary. Their behavior is based on their need to micromanage state agencies and to sometimes exact revenge on those out of favor with the Legislature or LCB staff.

This is a very bad way to manage a state and disrespectful too.


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