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June 4, 2010 / jimnv

Ticks on Our Backsides

The Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI), based in Las Vegas is a shill for the Republican party and business interests, mainly casinos in Las Vegas. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is proposing to change the way Nevada taxes that mainly benefits businesses.  In summary, they propose applying the sales tax to more things and simultaneously reducing the overall sales tax rate and then eliminating business taxes.  Their report is here.

Where do they get the idea that businesses do not need to pay taxes, as if they have little or no effect on government which support them with infrastructure, special tax breaks and other considerations the average citizen does not receive?  Why should businesses be exempt while the average Nevadan pays the difference? What makes any business think they should get a free ride?

Incredibly, NPRI is proposing the expansion of corporate welfare at our expense!

Low business taxes does not mean prosperity. We already have very low taxes on casinos, the lowest in the world and almost no taxes on mining. This hasn’t worked out very well for Nevada and its budget problems.

NPRI and its supporters, casinos, mainly in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce  now want all businesses and not just casinos and mining to become ticks on our collective butts (backsides) sucking us dry for their benefit.

Enough with this nonsense and do this instead:

Broaden the sales taxes to apply to more things and then reduce the overall rate so the minimum wage person can more easily afford to buy things with his meager casino wages. This will also benefit our visitors who buy things when they visit Nevada.

Tax business services so every business supports the society they live in and depend on. Exempt health care services.

Limit the number of casinos in Nevada with the intent, over time  to reduce the number in operation. This protects a critical industry.

Double the tax rate on the gaming industry over three years. (They will still have the lowest tax rate in the world)

Tax mining at the same rate as casinos and not the measly half a percent they now pay.

The Legislature must not be allowed spend beyond what was originally approved in the latest Legislative session, even if revenues exceed expectations. Bank those for emergencies and one time capital expenditures.


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