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May 16, 2010 / jimnv

Paranoia and Incompetence

As we all know Jim Gibbons is incompetent and disengaged. Just look at what he a done and failed to do. Here are some highlights from two recent articles (here and here) about the type of “leadership” Gibbons has foisted on us:

Gibbons would rather mow his lawn on Sundays than be governor and he instructed staff not to disturb him on that day.

He was ill equipped to handle the deficit and mortgage melt down. He did not care or understand the implications and relied on his mis-management mantra of “no new taxes”.  He blamed Nevada’s “big government” for its economic crisis ignoring the blatant and reckless activities of mortgage companies and investment firms and groups, especially in Las Vegas. Here is a verdict by one of his supporters in the LV Sun article:

“Jim Rogers, the wealthy businessman and former university system chancellor who gave money to Gibbons’ 2006 campaign, the verdict on Gibbons is clear. And although his words are harsher than most, his critique is representative of the state’s business and political elite: “I’ve never seen anybody in that kind of position who has been that incompetent.”

He believes compromise is defeat so bipartisanship was never considered. It was simply a blame game from the start. I still think he was afraid to engage anyone at the Legislature in 2009 because he was willfully ignorant and parochial.

His advisers were campaign donors, Monte Miller and Jim Denton, his girlfriend Kathy Karrasch and Howard Weiss, a Reno RV dealer. They made decisions for Gibbons and this explains the depth of the budget crisis we now face.

He rarely attended policy meetings to solve budget problems in 2008 and delegated this important task to staff. It was described this way in the LV Sun article:

“In his stead, one of Gibbons’ biggest campaign contributors, Monte Miller, and Jim Denton, an outside political adviser, joined by conference call. They would make decisions on weighty matters such as whether to include a room tax increase, what services to cut and the level of pay reduction state employees should take. “

Gibbons thinks everyone is “out to get him” and had his office swept for listening devices after Barbara Buckley visited his offices one day in 2009. He also believed his campaign manager set him up after a woman accused his of sexual assault in 2006. Further, only a couple of people knew his schedule because his was afraid some staff members would leak the information to the press so he could be ambushed with questions about what he was actually doing.

Yet, Gibbons feels he is right in his approach to governing and believes he can win re-election. He might be right. However the casinos, mainly in Las Vegas who supported and bankrolled him last time might not be so enthusiastic this time. Not because he is incompetent but that his actions make them look bad. His attacks on the very core of Nevada government and state employees was all right with them because he kept their taxes low which is what they wanted all along.

They are probably supporting to Sandoval, a “mini-me” of Gibbons with the same old “no new taxes” mantra and mismanagement style.


Gibbons portrayed as absentee governor while state in crisis“, LV Sun, May 16, 2010

Gov. Jim Gibbons’ intense desire for privacy collides with holding public office, LV Sun, May 15, 2010


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