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May 12, 2010 / jimnv

Governor’s Lack of Vision for Nevada

A 20 member panel called the Nevada Vision Stakeholders Group has released a preliminary report on its vision for Nevada. It’s web page can be found here.

They will discuss its recommendations this Friday and adopt some or all of them. The report is very general and has no specifics as to how all this will be accomplished including the money needed.  As part of the study, a consulting firm, Moody Analytics was hired by the Legislature to determine whether our current tax structure can sustain the state in the future and their report will be done by June 3rd. NOTE: Last year, Gibbons vetoed funding for the stakeholders group and the consultant but the Legislature used some contingency funds to keep the project on track.

This is Stakeholders Group’s  preliminary executive report from the LCB website. Some things they would like to see are:

Changing the diversity of our economy now dependent on casinos and mining.

Saving government surpluses and securitizing future revenue streams.

Addressing public infrastructure gaps such as replacing or closing outdated prisons.

Attracting growth industries and shifting the tax burden to other industries besides gaming.

Addressing employment volatility (ie. stopping service industry dependence)

Attracting growth businesses and expanding renewable energy businesses.

Attracting venture capital to expand and diversify our state’s business profile.

Improving the health and wellbeing of all Nevadans by targeting groups such as children, the uninsured and smokers.

Improving an efficient and accountable governments at all levels.

Constructing highways and rail lines between population centers, Reno and Las Vegas.

Of course Gibbons has criticized the report and rejects the need to diversify our tax base, improve government efficiency,improving business climates and encouraging business venture capital. He doesn’t want to think beyond his next text message or even tomorrow. Our future is unimportant to him as it has been in his term as governor.

BTW: I don’t think Gibbon read the report before he whined about it.

Building things and creating programs to address our problems will cost money but Gibbons’ sole focus is just saying “No new taxes.” as if that will get us where we need to be in 20 years. It hasn’t for the past 4 years has it?

My “executive summary” :

Gibbons thinks it is okay for the gaming industry and mining to be in control of our economy and governments. It is “more of the same” for him and his supporters, Nevada casinos, mainly in Las Vegas and mining. After all, casinos don’t want their corporate welfare (lowest taxes on earth) to end and mining doesn’t want to pay more than a measly one half a percent in taxes.

Both are welfare queens expecting Nevadans to pay their bill and Gibbons is their pimp enabler.


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