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March 31, 2010 / jimnv

Education Task Force Will Be Open Afterall

Well, well, well…. the governor’s Education Task force will now follow Nevada’s Open Laws. This is certainly good news. It seems the task force co-chairs changed their minds after State Senator Barbara Cegavske (R-Las Vegas) and a member of the task force decided not to attend meetings unless they were public. Much thanks to Senator Cegavske for doing what is right!

It is said the open meeting law is a foreign concept to the casino industry and that’s why Elaine Wynn demanded they be closed. Well, she and everyone like her on the task force better read up on the law and comply. Nevadans deserve an open government… no more excuses or rationalizations… just get it done!

Just in case anyone wants to read about open the meeting requirements also called the “OML” , please look at Nevada’s “Open Meeting Law Manual” provided by the Attorney General’s office.

Gibbons started this whole mess because he doesn’t favor transparency and thought closed meetings were fine. But consider the source. I have to admit he still annoys the heck out of me because of his antics but it is “a good thing” because it keeps me motivated to write about them.

Here is an article about this: “Education task force says meetings will follow Nevada law and be open“, Ed Vogel, LV Review Jr., March 31, 2010.

I also wrote about this in a previous post:  “Strangled Behind the Closed Door“, March 25, 2010


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